Tugboat Repositories

A Tugboat Repository is linked to a git repository hosted by a supported git provider. A Tugboat Repository can contain any number of previews, given they stay within the quota of the parent project.

Repository permissions are inherited from the parent project. If a user has access to a project, they have access to all of the repositories in that project.

Configuring a Tugboat Repository has a few parts. One part can be managed through the web interface, which includes things like scheduling and provider integration. The other part is managed by a configuration file committed to the git repository, which includes things like how to build previews for the repository.

SSH Keys

Every Tugboat Repository has two SSH keys. These keys are unique to each repository, and are used by Tugboat to access remote resources. One key is the repository's deploy key, and is used by Tugboat directly to perform git operations in a service. This key is managed by Tugboat and cannot be modified.

The other key is available for use by a configuration file command. It can be changed or regenerated at any time through the Tugboat Repository settings.

Remote SSH Key

Provider Integrations

A Tugboat Repository is able to integrate with many features provided by GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. It can automatically build previews from new pull requests, or delete previews when pull requests are merged or closed. It can also post comments to a pull request with information about a preview.

In order to provide this functionality, the user authenticating a repository to Tugboat must have admin access to that repository at the provider. Tugboat never touches the data in the git repository, but needs to be able to create a webhook and upload an SSH deploy key on the git repository. Each of the above providers require admin privileges to do this.

When a comment is posted to a pull request, it is posted as the user that authenticated the repository to Tugboat. This is an OAuth restriction imposed by each of these providers. Tugboat provides a method of linking a different user to a repository to post these comments. This is especially useful when working with a team of developers on a project. The user that authenticated Tugboat might not want to get notifications from the provider about every pull request, yet by default, they would.

Provider Comments

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