Create a Project

When authenticating to Tugboat for the first time you will be presented with a form to create your first Tugboat Project. A Tugboat Project can contain any number of repositories that you want Tugboat to build previews for, and is tied to a subscription model (free or premium). Additionally, you can invite users to join a project.

Start by giving your Tugboat Project a name.

Project Name

Then, choose a repository that you want Tugboat to work with. If you choose to skip this step, repositories can be added later from the Project dashboard.

Add a Repository

Tugboat needs to know which services your repository needs in order to run. We provide a handful of common sets of services as a quick starting point. These services can be modified later from the Repository Settings.

Service templates

Finally, select a pricing tier for your project. Use the feature matrix to decide which tier best suits your needs. If in doubt, select the Free tier, and upgrade as needed when you start to run into the limits.

Besides more available disk space, CPU, and memory, the ability to create Base Previewsis a major bonus to selecting a paid tier. Base Previews allow Tugboat to speed up build times and significanly reduces the amount of disk space a given preview occupies.


After completing this form, you will be redirected to either the Repository dashboard page or the Project dashboard page depending whether you selected a repository. You can always add one or more Repositories later from the Project Dashboard:

Add a Repository from the Project

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