Actions and States

Preview Actions

  • Clone - Quickly duplicates a preview from the snapshot created when the original finished building.

  • Cancel - Cancels the currently running operation.

  • Delete - Deletes a Tugboat Preview.

  • Lock - Locks a preview. A locked preview stays in its current state, and will not be updated by Tugboat, including updates from new pull request commits. This is useful for longer reviews or to avoid interruptions during a demo.

  • Rebuild - Rebuild an existing Tugboat Preview from scratch.

  • Refresh - Pulls the latest code from git and runs any commands found in the update section followed by the build section of the configuration.

  • Reset - Resets a preview to the state it was in when it finished building. This allows you to quickly undo any changes that were made for testing, etc.

  • Start - Starts a stopped or suspended Tugboat Preview.

  • Stop - Stops a running Tugboat preview. Stopping a preview stops all of its services, taking it offline.

  • Unlock - Unlocks a locked Tugboat Preview.

Preview States

  • Failed - Something went wrong during the the last action that was taken on the preview. Details should be available in the preview's activity logs. Sometimes a failed preview can be recovered by resetting it.

  • Ready - The preview is ready to be viewed. This state indicates that Tugboat executed any commands defined in the configuration and no errors were returned.

  • Stopped - The preview cannot be viewed while stopped.

  • Suspended - Previews get placed in a suspended state after some time of inactivity. Any incoming HTTP request to the preview will automatically start it again.

  • Unavailable - Something went wrong trying to load the preview. This usually indicates an internal Tugboat error. Resetting a preview often fixes this.

  • Canceled - The preview was canceled while building.

Service States

A service can be in any of the above states, as well as the following

  • Committing - Tugboat is currently taking a snapshot of the current state of the service.

  • Waiting - Tugboat is performing some operation on the service's repo, and the service is waiting for its turn.

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