The following terms are used throughout this document

  • Base Preview - A Base Preview is a preview that acts as a starting point for another preview to be built from. Using a base preview typically reduces the time required to build a preview as well as the amount of disk space required for that preview. Any preview can be a base preview. This document refers to this feature as "base preview". Learn More

  • Deploy Key - A deploy key is an SSH key that is dedicated to pulling code from a git repository. Every Tugboat Repository has a unique deploy key which is automatically uploaded to the corresponding git repository's provider. Some providers call this a deploy key as well, others call it an access key or an SSH key. For consistency, this document uses "deploy key".

  • Preview - A Tugboat Preview belongs to a specific Tugboat Repository, and is an isolated instance of the website represented by the git repository linked to that Tugboat Repository. A Preview is built from a specific branch, tag, commit, or pull request from the git repository, and is given a unique URL. This document may refer to a Tugboat Preview as either "Tugboat Preview" or sometimes just "preview", whichever fits the context. Learn More

  • Project - A Tugboat Project is an organizational unit. It can contain any number of Tugboat Repositories. Each of these Tugboat Repositories share the disk quota and other resource limits set on the Tugboat Project. A user can have access to any number of Tugboat Projects. Likewise, any number of users can be given access to a Tugboat Project. This document may refer to a Tugboat Project as either "Tugboat Project" or sometimes just "project", whichever fits the context. Learn More

  • Provider - A provider is where your git repository is hosted. This usually refers to GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket. This document refers to each of these generically as a "provider".

  • Pull Request - Most of the providers supported by Tugboat support the concept of a pull request. This is a method of requesting that new code be merged into a branch in the git repository. The terminology between providers sometimes differs. For example, GitLab calls these "merge requests". For consistency, this document refers to this feature as a "pull request".

  • Repository - A Tugboat Repository is linked to a git repository at one of the supported providers. The distinction between a Tugboat Repository and a git repository is sometimes subtle, so this document will show the difference by using "Tugboat Repository" or "git repository" when clarification is needed. Learn More

  • Service - A Tugboat Service is a building block of a preview. Each service represents a server in the infrastructure required to serve a website. Every preview consists of one or more services, one of which is responsible for serving the website via HTTP. This document refers to a Tugboat Service as either "Tugboat Service" or just "service", whichever fits the context. Learn More

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