User Permission Levels

User permission levels explained

Tugboat has three different types of users:

Admin permissions

Admin users can:

  • Manage billing information. This information is disabled if the company is paying with a purchase order.
  • Manage other users, including removing other admins, though they cannot remove themselves.
  • Add repositories to the project.
  • Change repository settings.
  • Delete repositories.
  • Delete the entire project.
  • Rename the project.

User permissions

Tugboat’s generic User’s permissions include:

  • Manage the repository configuration interface. This includes things like changing repository settings, environment variables and SSH keys.
  • Manage Previews. Create, remove, rebuild, or lock Previews.
  • Manage Base Previews.
  • Shell access to previews. Manage visual diff screenshots. View build logs.

Read-only permissions

Tugboat users with Read-only permissions can:

  • View a list of all Previews, see build logs and visual diff screenshots.
  • Read-only users may create additional visual diff screenshots.

These users have no access to anything else.