Building New Previews

When you’re building Previews after you’ve set a Base Preview, those Preview builds are child builds of the Base Preview. They use the Base Preview’s build snapshot for things like setting up Services, including pulling Docker images, and pulling in any assets that are imported during the init or update phase of the Base Preview build.

When you’re working with Previews that are child Previews of a Base Preview, Build and Rebuild start from the build phase, bypassing the init and refresh phases of a build. This includes:

For more info on build phases, see: the build process: explained.

After you’ve set a Base Preview, you do have one option to build new Previews that do not use the Base Preview: manually build a Preview from scratch. A Preview built this way is not a child Preview, and behaves like a typical Preview when Building or Rebuilding.

Build a Preview with no Base Preview

To manually build a Preview with no Base Preview:

  1. Go to username -> My Projects at the upper-right of the Tugboat screen.
  2. Select the project where you want to build a Preview.
  3. Click into the repo where you want to build a Preview.
  4. Go to the Available to Build section of the Repository Dashboard.
  5. Click into the drop-down next to the Build Preview button for the Preview you’d like to build from scratch.
  6. Select the Build with no base preview option.
Visual Walkthrough