Base Previews

Briefly, Base Previews provide Tugboat with a starting point, from where it can build new previews. The advantage of Base Previews is they drastically reduce preview build times as well as the amount of space a preview occupies on disk.

How Base Previews Work

When a regular preview is built, the configuration will often instruct Tugboat to pull in a database, image files, or other assets. This process can take a while. When the preview has finished building, Tugboat automatically takes a point-in-time snapshot of its disk image, so that it has a point of reference of where it can do things like let you quickly reset a preview back to its original build state. It can also leverage this snapshot to create a Base Preview if instructed.

When a preview is marked as a Base Preview, it is automatically used as a starting point for all newly created previews. None of the new previews need to re-download a copy of the database, image files, or other assets. Base Previews can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to generate a working preview.

Another benefit of using a Base Preview is that any previews built from it use considerably less disk space, allowing you to stretch your disk quota significantly. Tugboat accomplishes this by only storing a binary difference between the Base Preview and the new previews. A new preview only uses whatever space it needs that differs from its Base Preview. Often, this means a Base Preview might use 2-3GB of space, and a preview built from it might only use 100-200MB.

How to use a Base Preview

To create a Base Preview, choose a preview that you want to use. The selected preview is typically built from the master branch, or whichever branch in your repo corresponds with what you release to production. You will find the Manage Base Previews link on the Repository Dashboard.

Base Preview Selection

From there, select the preview you want to use as a Base Preview.

Base Preview Selection

That preview will be moved to the "Base Preview" section of the Repository Dashboard.

Base Preview Selection

That's it! From now on, new previews will build from the snapshot created when the Base Preview was built.

Keeping Base Previews Updated

You will generally want to keep your Base Preview up to date with your latest codebase, and a fresh copy of your database, image files, and other assets. By default, Tugboat does this every night at 12 am ET. To change this, check the Repository Settings.

Tugboat performs the update by pulling the latest code from git for the branch or Tag the preview was built from. During the update, Tugboat runs any commands in the update section of the configuration

Advanced Use Cases

Tugboat allows multiple Base Previews to be defined. The effect of doing this is that every preview will generate the corresponding number of Base Preview derivatives. So, if you have three Base Previews defined, and submit a pull request for Tugboat to build a preview, you will end up with three previews for that pull request, each starting from a different Base Preview.

This feature allows you to test code, for instance, against different PHP versions, database content, etc.

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